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A first of its kind in South Africa, the Chad-O-Chef Hybrid Braai offers a 4-in-1 cooking experience, combining state of the art Gas burner design with a revolutionary Ember Drawer system.

The Hybrid Braai’s Ember drawer allows one the option of
wood, charcoal, gas or smoker chips to add that one of a kind
bushveld flavour to any braai experience

Repairs on Equipment & Appliances.
We are experts in the repair  of all Burners, Gas Safety Valves and Control Valves. Our team are the leading experts in the field and will ensure that all repairs are done to not just local industry standards but are also to the specifications of international standards.

Service of Equipment
Our team of experts service all types of  Gas Burners with specialist Equipment. We also offer service contracts to our clients, whereby we come in on a monthly/quarterly/annually basis.

With our comprehensive service report, our customers can plan spares acquisitions. At The Gas Specialist we pride ourselves in work quality, ensuring that you have as little operational downtime as possible. With a superiority in quality and reliability, we are able to keep your business in production.

If you have an existing gas installation, We can schedule a licensed installer who will visit your premises, asses and certify your existing installation.

If minor changes are needed such as a pigtail or orange hose replacement , We discuss the replacement pricing on the spot and complete the necessary work so we can issue the CoC.

The Installation must be 100% compliant. There is no ‘Almost’ in gas certification. We have to follow the regulation specs as per SANS as we don’t make the rules.


Not to sure if your installation is compliant? You can contact us on info@gasspecialist.co.za


Gas Line and Gas Reticulation Systems:

The Gas Specialist installs Gas Reticulation Systems for our customers. All gas lines are pressure tested and X-Rayed before they are handed over to our customers. Our qualified and expertly trained welders delivers the quality that our customers expect from us. We are leading the way in Gas Line installations.
“Turn-Key” Solutions
We also offer “Turn-Key” solutions to our customers for their Gas requirements. From the Planning to Commissioning we are there every step of the way. With our vast experience in the Gas Industry we share knowledge and render excellent service.
We Install:





Heating Systems

Gas Lines

We Install “Anything Gas”

Pressure Testing examines the integrity and strength of tubing, piping, pressure vessels, tanks and other components (e.g. heat exchangers, filters, valves) using a pressurized fluid (e.g. water, air or inert gas). The primary purpose of the test is to demonstrate the ability to meet project specification(s) without leaks, deformation, catastrophic failure, or rupture. It is especially essential for systems that operate under pressure, as these systems typically require validation prior to operations.

The Gas Specialist can provide both on-site and in-house shop based testing of piping, equipment and components for a wide range of industries including aerospace, industrial, biotechnology, chemical, food, beverage and other industrial plants.

The Gas Specialist has the capability to perform tests up to 10,000 psi and tests up to 5,000 psig (depending on the ‘stored energy values’) in a safe and efficient manner.

The Gas Specialist can perform pressure tests to meet the requirements of ASME, ASTM, MIL NASA and client or project specific standards. We use tested and certified equipment, instruments, charts, digital recorders and provide comprehensive documentation.

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