Hot water at your command. Without the Hussle of electricity and without the cost. Gas Geysers makes water hot instantly. Eliminate the expense and choose comfort with our Gas Geysers.



Don’t settle for anything.

Demand Quality, Find Comfort


Gas geysers are far more efficient and economical than electrical geysers. The most viable and cost-effective option to have hot water.


Your Geyser will be up and running within 2-3 hours. Gas Geysers are easier to install than electrical Geysers. A Cost effective add-on to your property.


Gas Geysers provides the option to regulate the temperature according to the season and weather. Another money-saving Gas geyser feature.

Instant and Constant

Gas geysers use Liquid Petroleum Gas to heat water. No limit to the amount of water they can heat. A constant flow of heated water with immediate supply.

Our Gas Geyser Range

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20L Gas Geyser Room Sealed Fan Forced LPG

Indoor Gas Geyser TYPE - C

16L Constant Temperature Gas Geyser

Multiple use application 16l LPG gas

12L Constant Temperature Gas Geyser

Multiple use application 12l LPG gas

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