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Get all your GAS appliances, components and connections installed. Certified Safety Guaranteed!

Each installation is unique, hence we consult, design and install your gas reticulation in the most cost-effective and efficient way for you.


We are registered with the LP Gas Association (LPGSA) and are South African Qualification and Certification Committee (SAQCC) registered for both domestic and commercial installations.


Our typical engagement methodology is outlined below:

  • You contact us for a quotation.
  • We meet on-site where the implementation would take place, and discuss your requirements.
  • We issue a formal, free of charge quotation.
  • On acceptance of quotation, we agree when to commence the services.
  • We complete the job, test, inspect and record the implementation.
  • We officially handover and issue you with the Certificate of Conformity / Compliance (COC).
  • The Gas Specialist offers professional and affordable gas hob installation and maintenance services in Limpopo and area.

  • Based in Polokwane we have same-day access to all areas throughout Limpopo for all your gas appliance needs.

    With years of experience and priding ourselves in doing gas hob installations right the first time, we can confidently say that we are one of the best gas installers in the industry saving you money and time!

  • Getting a gas hob installed in your home is cost effective and is more affordable than electricity. Don’t let load shedding or another power outage spoil your day with your electric oven or hob – gas hobs are more reliable and not dependent on Eskom!

  • Gas hobs are environmentally friendly as they are highly efficient from energy. Think about the future and our beautiful planet and convert to gas appliances today!

  • Our installation for Domestic /Residential comprise of the following types of installations.
  • From Basic Economy installation with a Gas Hob connection and a single 9kg cylinder in a cupboard to multiple appliance connections to a single or dual external cylinder supply in accordance with SANS10087-1.

Water heaters (gas geysers) are manufactured to our specifications and requirements with quality and performance.


We offer the best back-up service and have spare parts in stock. Trained technicians are available.


Features and Benefits of Gas Geysers:


  • Fully automated ( No settings to be concerned about)
  • Continues flow (No tank—Therefore cannot run out of hot water)
  • Energy rating of six stars (Giving you more hot water for less)
  • Three way burner modulation for the most efficient gas consumption (90% -Efficient)
  • Anti-freeze protection for our icy cold winter spells
  • Can be used in combination with solar (3-way solar valve required)
  • Remote control for exact water
  • Error code recall should the geyser stop working (Fault finding)
  • Three times automatic restart function avoids unnecessary call-outs
  • Automated electronic safety checks done continuously


18 Litre Gas Geyser: Up to one full bathroom + kitchen tap simultaneous continues water flow.

24 Litre Gas Geyser: Up to two full bathrooms + kitchen tap simultaneous continues water flow.

30 Litre Gas Geyser: Up to three bathrooms + kitchen tap simultaneous continues water flow.

Remote Control: Adjust the temperature settings remotely

3 Way Solar Valve: Use the gas geyser automatically when your solar system water is cold.


Warranty: *10 Years on the Heat Exchanger

  • 3 Years on the gas and water components
  • 1 Year on electrical components

With a quality and uniquely designed SYAM gas or bio fuel fireplace installed in your home or office not only do you enhance your living space, you stay gloriously warm.


With many configurations available, built-in, wall or floor mounted, our famous free standing Battalion firepot or if preferred, the option to purchase the fire grates only and create your own fireplace design. Single-sided or double sided; there is a gas fire or bio fuel option just for you.


For built-in, we offer different fascias – stainless steel or a black powder coated finish are standard. However, should you desire a specific colour red, all you need to do is provide us with a colour spec to match to and we will have your fascia coated to match and blend your fireplace into your decor.


Wall and floor mounted fires can be manufactured out of stainless steel, powder coated steel, stone products.


Our room warming Battalion firepots are manufactured from a refractory product and are really something different. 


Our fireplaces are fired by its range of Designer or Fireline fire grates in Gas or our Ecoline Bio Fire Grates which are also available in various models and styles.


Purpose of a Gas Cage.

The purpose of a gas cage is purely for theft and vandalism, in other words gas cages are used to prevent the theft of gas bottles & to prevent anyone from tampering or vandalizing the container and regulator set.


What Does The S.A.N.S. Say?

In the domestic sector, as it stands right now,  the S.A.N.S. (South African National Standard) will tell you that if the gas bottle or gas bottles side of the fixed pipeline installation, falls within the boundaries of your property “walls” it is not a prerequisite or a necessity to have a gas cage from a compliance point of view, although this may vary in some town house complexes and even some residential estates.


The governing bodies or home owners associations and even the local town councils or fire departments can be stricter than the L.P.G.S.A. or S.A.N.S. regulations. They can insist on gas bottles in the estates or complexes being housed in gas cages. So the standard ruling is no, gas cages are not mandatory in a standard domestic gas installation. It is not a compliance issue either for a standard residential installation up to 100kg. If you have a manifold system from 2×2 up then yes a gas cage is 100% compulsory, but on a standard 100kg installation and smaller, then no it’s not necessary.

A generalized list of gas appliance maintenance duties that we perform:

Cleaning of jets

Cleaning of oxygen intakes

Cleaning of combustion chambers

Cleaning of barrel fans

Cleaning of vents

Thermocouple check

Spark plug check

Cleaning out of water sections

Cleaning of gas sections

Changing of natural gas jets to L.P.G. jets

Burner Cleaning



Each gas installation requires a certificate of conformity (COC). This is to ensure that the applicable safety standards are met, checked and certified by a registered gas installer.

Registered gas installers all carry an ID card for validation, please ensure that your installer has one.


You can also confirm your installer’s registration at www.saqccgas.co.za.

The COC is required for insurance purposes it is also required when transferring or selling ones property.


These certificates need to be kept in a safe place. A copy needs to be sent to your insurance company or transfer attorney whichever is applicable.


Not to sure if your installation is compliant? You can contact us for more information.

  • These installations are for the business side of LPG.
  • Industries include: Hospitality and catering, Restaurants and Cafes, Coffee shops, Powder coating companies, Coffee roasters, Company in-house kitchens, Laboratory’s, and many other commercial applications.
  • Usually made up of multiple Cylinders connected to various sized manifolds.
  • These installations are done in accordance with SANS 10087-2


  • Boiling Tables
  • Ovens
  • Grillers
  • Geysers

The demand for commercial installation is ever increasing. Each commercial establishment should be customer oriented, taking the necessary measures to ensure that the customer gets the right experience.

The competition has steadily increased, with an influx of commercial establishments as well as growing customer demand. Many people think they can self-install the devices, but that is not advisable. An improper or incorrect installation can not only hamper productivity, but could be a life-threatening safety hazard as well.

There have been several cases of accidents in the past, where a simple incorrect installation was identified as the root cause.

Services and industries like cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, powder coating companies, coffee roasters, laboratories, company in-house kitchens, all have a common requirement for the business side of LPG, as do most other commercial applications. LPG gas installations are usually made of multiple cylinders connected to various appliances of different sizes.

Our experienced technicians can handle even the most complex of installations with accuracy and ease.

Most commonly installed commercial appliances would include boiling tables, ovens, grills, geysers, furnaces and lamina flow cabinets.

We realize the safety concerns related to LPG installations and each one is conducted in accordance with the SANS 10087-1 & -2. They even supply safety manuals to users after installation.

With over 15 years of experience in the gas distribution industry, all your commercial installations will be handled in the most effective, reliable and cost-effective way possible.

Want your commercial establishment to be set up?

These installations are for larger companies and usually will have a bulk tank facility.

    • These installations cover both Vapour & Liquid gas installations.
    • Users include Gas Depots with bulk storage facilities which can include Cylinder filling and road tanker filling.
    • Agricultural installations which include for controlled heating of Chicken Houses on Poultry farms.
    • Hot Houses, Printing companies, Crematoriums, heating for extrusion, Industrial powder coating, large scale food production companies.
    • These installations are done in accordance with SANS 10087-3 & 7
  • Apart from commercial and residential purposes, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has found its way into various industrial sectors. Economical and environment friendly LPG is more preferable due to its versatile nature. LPG is used not only in powering industrial ovens but also in the production of food, furnaces, kilns and in the production of packing material.

  • We cater to both large and small companies. We are skilled at performing vapor and liquid gas installations. Bulk tank installation in industries is what we are known for. It is essential to notice that there are no open drains after installation.

  • Our technicians are experienced and skilled enough to handle all installation issues efficiently and we make sure that there are provisions for running cold water in case of any unpremeditated event. Our precautionary measures include checking out that there are zero possibilities of gas pocket formation.

  • Pressure regulators, shut-off valves, safety valves, flame arrestors and specialty burners are an essential part of our recipe for safe industrial gas installation. Our members have training in fire combat and First Aid Certification.

  • Some of our clients also include Gas depots, with bulk storage facilities. The procedure also consists of cylinder filling and road tanker filling. We have also been invited for agricultural installations which included facilitating controlled heating of chicken houses on poultry farms.

  • We carry the title of “Licensed Gas Practitioners” and are certified under SAQCC and LPGSASA. All the installations under our company are done in compliance with SANS 10087-1, -3 & -7.

Gas leak detection equipment is used mainly on commercial and industrial type installations.


The equipment used monitors the air in the vicinity of the appliances where gas is used, and should a leak occur, the sensor or sniffer will detect the level of gas present, and the sensor then sends a message to the control unit.


When this happens and a leak is detected the control unit raises an audio alarm, as well as automatically shutting off a solenoid valve which is fitted within the gas line. Please call for more information.

Drawing Up & Council Submission of plans

  • Where cylinders installation size exceeds 100KG, plans have to be submitted to council for approval. We work closely with our preferred architects to offer the full service of drawing up of plans and council submission.

Management & Consultation

  • We offer consultation to developers and construction companies on all aspects of LPG installations.
  • With years of experience and in depth knowledge of major piping installations.
  • We offer Project management of any LPG installation no matter the size.

C.O.C (Certificate of Compliance) Inspections

  • Registered with LPGSASA and in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993. Regulation 17(3) of the Pressure Equipment Regulations, 2009. All LPG installations new or inspected by us need to bear a signed Certificate of Compliance (C.o.C) and conform to the relevant SANS code.
  • The Certificate of Compliance will be required for change of ownership and forms part of the transfer documentation when selling your home. It also needs to accompany the documentation when applying for a license to trade in the commercial sector.


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